Quarter horse

An american cowboy horse, shorly called Quarter, but sometimes described with exaggeration as a famous colonial quarter racer, first appeard in breeding in 1ýth century in Virginia and some other villages on the east-coast. This highly focused type is, besides morgan, the oldest american breed. It is actually older than morgan, which first appeared in the end of 1894, while the American Quarter Horse Association was founded in years 1940 - 1941.


The American Quarter Horse breed is well known all around the world. It is popular for its intelligence, natural serenity and versatility. Quarter horses exceed with their massive and perfectly muscled body, they have a great balance and athletic ability. This allow them to perform the most difficult maneuvers required in western disciplines such as reining, western riding, cutting and other kinds, according to the  official rules AQHA. But they are also perfect horses for riding into the countryside. Their popularity is evergrowing and the USA registry contains over four million registred individuals.



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