Cattle Limousine

This breed originated in limousine region in south-west of France. This region is climaticly rather raw, the height obove sea-level reaches to 1000m. The breed was being used to pull until first half of the 20th century. For this work were selected animals with large body frame, very well developed muscle and solid posture, which were able to handle heavy load despite quite delicate skeleton. Selection on these qualities gave the basics to the genesis of typical meat breed with high proportion of muscle with low proportion of fat.

The Limousine breed is today's second widest meat breed in France, wherefrom it spread all around the world. The breed is characterized by its good ability to walk, pasture, with high converion of mass feed. Heifers show good materity qulities and are lactic enough. A priority is good fertility with fair interval, longevity and most of all the easiness of giving birth. For these qualities the breed was largely used for utility crossbreeding.  At the beginning of 90's the Limousine breed was used the most for insemination within the utility crossbreeding with our cattle population. The first purchase of thoroughbred animals in 1990 were from Hungary and founded breeding in five agricultural companies.
Other breedings of Limousine are mainly from France. Insemination by verified bulls from France within the thoroughbred breeding brought also a significant improvement in calfs' growth ability, which in combination with meat performance brought significant interest of breeders.


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